Lois is aided and abetted by Paul, who originally read Physics at Oxford and then did research at London University. Having a father who was a very practical man and an excellent carpenter, it was inevitable that Paul always built things - it seems to be a family gene. At university his blues band played on guitars he had made through speakers and amplifiers that bore his name... later, he restored cottages and made furniture ‘as a diversion’.

‘ Officially’ Paul is a photographer/author with 16 books to his credit and a world reputation for his photographs of flowers and nature in close-up. That is, of course, when mixing cement and general building work permits. Here in Italy, the practical side almost took over for four years and his contribution to the family home has included new windows, doors, staircases, walls, tables ...

Now Paul undertakes commissions for making furniture for interior and garden - rescuing those old beams and planks that come out of your home from the builder’s bonfire and turning them into individual items of craftsmanship using hand tools and employing traditional methods.

For books, photographic work and specialist courses and tours visit www.hiddenworlds.co.uk or www.paulharcourtdavies.com