Although by training Lois is a musician, soon after university she joined a travel company specialising in walking holidays and, for a decade, she managed walks and trips throughout Italy satisfying a love of the country, its people and the language.  The work was seasonal and so Lois set up a her own company dedicated to specialist paint finishes, murals and trompe l’oeil inspired by what she had seen there.

The experience and insight gained in realising a desire to renovate a property in Italy led to Lois managing restoration projects for others in area around Orvieto, Umbria, in central Italy, and beyond in the neighbouring provinces of Tuscany and Lazio.

There was was a steep learning curve but it has engendered a deep fascination with these old buildings  and, most importantly for clients, a first hand knowledge of the way they are put together and a respect for restoring them, as far as possible, faithful to the original style but with those modern additions that make life more comfortable.