Why use a project manager?

The house is yours at last ...and now it begins. Maybe you have a builder lined up and a geometra (a sort of quantity surveyor who has infiltrated every aspect of the renovation / restoration process in Italy) all recommended by the estate agent. Many do this having built up a good relationship with the agent - when it works it is ideal. But who in fact is working for you?

If you don’t have a builder we can recommend skilled artisans and other professionals such as geometras, architects and engineers from contacts we have built up locally both with personnel and suppliers of proven reliability and integrity. We can source the many materials needed: bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, ceramics, terracotta, stone, wrought ironwork, furniture, fabrics, specialist paint finishes, murals, antiques, reclaimed items, pool contractors, landscaping etc. etc.

Most often we are involved after purchase when clients need to feel they have someone ‘on the spot’. We tend to work in the region of southern Umbria, northern Lazio and southern Tuscany...the less we have to travel the more cost effective it is for you. Moreover, we can respond very quickly to anything urgent and just ‘drop in’ on site...we e-mail you pictures on a regular basis and make sure that any problems are resolved directly and quickly with you.

You can involve us as little or as much as you like - from the time you find a property that interests you and you need help dealing with an agent or later in the game. We can accompany you to various professionals and obtain translations from certified legal translators if necessary.

We can provide, amongst other things, weekly progress reports with photographs and pester and cajole to try to make sure work is done on time and to budget. Further, we have found that by working with and keeping a careful check on builders we can prevent unnecessary and unsanctioned work being done. We get several estimates for services and do not rely on 'clubs' of builders, plumbers, carpenters who provide work for one another and push up costs. We work directly for you.