We emphasise to clients that we work solely for them, we have no brief for any firm or individual. We can offer an invaluable ‘on the spot’ service for those trying to renovate / restore a property in central Italy from afar - we are firmly on your side, will act as ‘eyes’, ‘ears’ and be the ‘mouthpiece’ when the occasion demands it.

We charge an hourly rate which in our experience works better than a fixed percentage of the costs. Most people are on a budget and in this way what we charge and do is transparent - you can use us as much or as little as you want. Circumstances change, people find there are things they can do themselves as their local knowledge and Italian improves... Most project managers work on a percentage of the overall cost of a restoration project which means there is no incentive for keeping your costs down!

We have no links other than mutual respect and never use anyone we would not use ourselves. We work for you.

Most important for us is that you meet us, talk to us and then decide whether we are the kind of people you can work with.

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...we can help you at any stage - the earlier the better so that builders and others know we are your ‘eyes and ears and mouthpiece’