Whether you are restoring, renovating, rebuilding or simply modifying your property in central Italy, Lois Ferguson can help you through the process and find reliable and skilled professionals at competitive rates...

So you’ve bought your property and you have visions as to how it might look one day but where do you start? This is where the real adventure begins... but you find you will need builders, architects, geometras. How do you begin to control the project when you don’t live in Italy and your Italian is not up to scratch?

After more than a decade working in Italy, in 2003 Lois decided with her partner, photographer Paul Harcourt Davies, to leave Britain and move to the region of Orvieto in Umbria, central Italy, bordering the provinces of Tuscany and Lazio. Here, Lois supervised the complete restoration of her own home as well as physically working on it herself with Paul - doing everything from digging out floors to plastering walls, cleaning and renewing beams, renovating  tiles and the plethora of other things that these old buildings demand when they inevitably begin to take over your life.

From 2005, Lois began to be asked to act as ‘eyes and ears’ for clients who had bought properties but who could only make infrequent trips to Italy following some media publicity in the UK (Guardian Weekend, Italia magazine, Casa Chic). This has grown into the full-time provision of a unique service for others, wholly via personal recommendation - always the best endorsement.

This service also includes helping those who have simply bought a house or apartment in the regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, not necessarily to restore, but who need good, reliable builders, plumbers, electricians, artisans, gardeners etc. etc and supervision of the job in hand.